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Equipment we use for your Video Transfer Services

Video Transfer Services, New York Our lab technicians are spending a lot of time to maintain our equipment.
Video heads are cleaned periodically and DVD read/write laser beams
will be checked and replaced before it gets weak.
Below are some of our machines for your video tape transfer services.

Our video system for checking the final quality.

Main Monitor: Panasonic 50 inch 1080p full HD TV.

Audio system: Panasonic 7 speaker surround system

Blu-ray Player: Panasonic Blu-ray player

For your VHS-C & SVHS-C tapes, we will use VHS-C dedicated S-VHS Video player.
This professional VHS-C video player is designed to make best of VHS-C tapes.
VHS-C tape goes straight in to the machine and sit on a stray with any adapter.
It handles Super VHS-C (S VHS-C) tapes also.
We may also use VHS-C adapters with standard size VHS player.
We stock many brand VHS-C adapters in order to capture the very best quality from your tapes.


For your 8mm Tapes (8mm, Hi8 & Digital8): We use many Sony GV-D200s.

What's so good about this machine?

In short, this is the very best 8mm/Hi8/D8 tape deck currently available in the market.

Digital Noise Reduction:
Reduces chromanance (color) noise by 20% when recording.
Time Base Correction (TBC) Replaces the video signal with a clean sync pulse, to correct timing errors, which eliminates the jitters commonly found in home video.

Crystal Clear still/slow motion and frame-by-frame advance:
Digital video recording allows crystal clear still/ slow motion and frame-by-frame advance capabilities.
2X Playback and 2X Playback Zoom
Allows for high speed playback in forward and reverse.
2X Playback zoom allows you to zoom into a selected area of the video during playback of a Digital8 tape.

Digital8 Recording and playback:
Records outstanding digital picture and sound on Hi8 and 8mm tapes.
Offers up to 500 lines of resolution with three times the color bandwidth of VHS and significantly lower video noise.

Hi8/8mm Playback:
Can playback previously recorded material from Hi8 or 8mm videotapes in either SP or LP modes.

S-Video and composite input/output:
S-Video connection offers superior video signal transfer from analog devices by reducing "Dot Crawl" which is commonly seen as distortion around the edge of the recorded video signal.

Built-in assemble editing (20 segments):
Allows user to connect the deck via an i.LINKR1 or infrared interface to any other i.LINK or infrared device and select up to twenty different scenes from a video and then have the deck automatically assemble those scenes together.

PCM stereo digital audio:
16-bit recording capability offers the same, outstanding sound quality as Compact Disc.
12 bit recording enables you to transfer the recorded signal via i.LINK to a compatible DV device so that stereo music or narration can be added without disturbing the original soundtracks i.LINKER.

DV Input/Output:
Provides bi-directional digital communication that carries digital audio, digital video and control signals to other i.LINKR equipped video devices and a growing range of compatible PCs for dubbing and non-linear editing.

For miniDV tape, standard DV tape, HD DV tape, DVCAM tape
We use Sony HVR-M15


The HDV HVR-M15AU, digital HD videocassette recorder, is the enhanced successor model to the HVR-M15U.
This new VTR features HDV native progressive format capability, providing a stunning 1080p image at 24, 25 or 30 frames per second. It is compatible with standard and mini cassettes, providing extended recording times up to 276 minutes. The HVR-M15AU is optimized for use with nonlinear editing systems due to its highly compact size and ease of operation.



We deeply care about recording media we use for you.
This will be the time capsule of your memories, so it should be really good.

DVD disks, we exclusively use Japanese made Professional A Grade, Taiyo Yuden Brand.
Purely Made in Japan and packed, shipped from Japan.
DVD disk is a Time Capsule of your life.
You will see a big difference after 10 or 20 years, and will be thankful that we used this real quality product.



We also care about our DVD Cases that we use to keep your your DVDs.
Don't undervalue DVD case that keeps your DVD disk for years and years.

Some cases have pointy parts in a case that will damage(scratch) the DVD disk when inserted.
Some have a hole that allows outside air gets in the case.
Some are so cheap that the case is not even flat, that will bend the DVD disk inside.
Well designed DVD cases that we are using for your DVD disk.


Cheap DVD cases that you should avoid
Edgy center might make a deep scratch on DVD
Too loose to protect DVDs for years